Web Questionnaire Format

A web questionnaire is a questionnaire conducted by web service providers aimed at clients looking to develop websites and other online projects. Such questionnaires help to gain an understanding of what are the requirements of the client. The questions in a web questionnaire consist of simple and direct ones that will enable to understand the requirements thoroughly. A web questionnaire format is the layout of a well designed web questionnaire that the website developers can utilize.

Web Questionnaire Format Sample:

Name of company: _______________________________________________

Email: __________________________________________________

Location: _____________________________________________

Contact Number: ________________________

First Question: [The first question must inquire regarding the aim/objective of the website. Questions like what is the aim of your website? Or what kind of website do you wish to develop? can be asked]

Second Question: [The second question should inquire what content the client expects on the website. Such a question will help to understand the requirements of the client]

Third Question: [Third question may be directed towards the project costing and budget. For example questions like, what is your defined budget for the project? can be asked. This helps to develop the website or online project accordingly.]

Fourth Question: [The fourth question can ask if the client has any specific deign or plan in his mind that he wishes is to incorporate in the website.]

Fifth Question: [Under this question, client can be quizzed regarding the logo or any other graphical details that he/she wishes to incorporate in the website. This will help to design the website accordingly.]

Sixth Question: [Depending upon the project and the client needs, further questions maybe asked.]

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