Web Design Survey Questionnaire

A web design survey questionnaire is used in order to take the view of the web audience or viewers in regards to the design of the website. The questionnaire helps to understand the aspects that are lacking in the design of the website and what can be added in order to make the design interesting. The questionnaire helps the website owners to improve the design of their website so that users find them interesting as well as useful.

Sample Web Design Survey Questionnaire

Name: ______________

Occupation: _______________

Address: Street address ___________  City ______________ State ___________ Zip code _________

Residential contact number: ______________

Mobile phone number: ______________

Office contact number: ______________

E mail id: __________________

Q1. When was the last time you visited the website?

a)   A day ago

b)   A week ago

c)   A month ago

d)   Other (please specify): ______________

Q2. What was your purpose of visiting this website?

a)   Casual browsing

b)   Out of curiosity

c)   Was looking for something specific (please specify) : ________________

Q3. How would rate the design of the website?

a)   Excellent

b)   Good

c)   Average

d)   Terrible

Q4. Do you agree that the manner, in which the website is designed, is helpful for the browser?

a)   Strongly agree

b)   Agree

c)   Somewhat agree

d)   Disagree

Q5. What do you think about the color and the text type used in the design of the website?


Q6. What according to you is the best feature of the design of the website?


Q7. What features do you think are lacking in the design of the website?


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