Web Design Client Questionnaire

A web design client questionnaire is helpful for developing a website according to the requirements of the client. It is mostly concerned with the outer features like logo, company details, contact and career details. The website should be updated regularly and there should be clarity on who is responsible for doing updations.

Sample Web design client questionnaire:

Company name: _____________________________

Contact person name:  _____________________________

Contact person email id: ___________________________

Q1: Give a brief description of your company.


Q2. Do you want to take our help in developing a logo for your company?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q3. Mention the theme and colours that you want to use in the website design?


Q4. Provide the kind of feel that you want to provide to the audience when they visit the website?


Q5. Provide examples of a few websites that inspire you to develop a similar website?

Website1:   _________________________

Website2:   _________________________

Website3:   _________________________

Q6. What kind of brand message do you want to send across to the online audience?


Q7. Choose the basic features that you want to develop during the web design

a)   Introduction

b)   Products or services

c)   Contact Us

d)   Other links

Q8. What are the other features that you want us to include in the website?

a)   Images and videos

b)   Newsletters

c)   Events and news

d)   Search feature

e)   Others ______________________________________

Q9. Do you want to provide authentication for guests, employees, and internal website developers?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q10. How do you want to update the website?

a)   Internally it will be done yourself

b)   Should be updated by us

Q11. Provide us a date/month by when you want the website to be completed


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