Web Content Questionnaire

A web content questionnaire is a process of understanding the kind of content that the owner of a website wants for his website. These questionnaires include various details of the site like its purpose, target audience and others so that its content can be decided. This questionnaire is filled by the owner of the website and is used by the website developer to have an understanding of the content to be included.

Sample Web Content Questionnaire

Name of the client: _______________________

Principal Office Address: Street address __________ City ___________ State ____________ Zip code ________

Office Phone Number: ________________

Fax Number: ________________

Email id: ___________

Website address: ______________

Name of the representative: ________________

E mail id of the representative: _____________

Q1. What is the objective of developing this website?


Q2. Who is the target audience that you have in mind?

a)   Teenagers

b)   Teenagers above sixteen and other adults

c)   Senior citizen

d)   Others (please specify): ________________

Q3. Do you want to address your audience in such a way so that they feel that you are talking to them personally?

a)   Yes

b)   Somewhat

c)   No

Q4. Do you want the interaction with the viewers to be formal or informal?

a)   Formal

b)   Somewhat formal

c)   Informal

Q5. Do you have any specific word count or number of pages in mind?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q6. If your answer is yes, what is the specific word count or number of pages you want?


Q7. Do you want an informative website or a promotional one?

a)   Informative

b)   Promotional

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