Web Client Questionnaire

A web client questionnaire is a process of assessing the expectations of the clients from a certain website.  The questionnaire helps to know the outlook of the clients towards the development of the website. The questionnaire also helps to know that what is the aim of the client while making the site.

Sample Web client questionnaire

Name of the client: _______________________

Principal Office Address: Street address __________ City ___________ State ____________ Zip code ________

Office Phone Number: ________________

Fax Number: ________________

Email id: ___________

Website address: ______________

Name of the representative: ________________

E mail id of the representative: _____________

Q1.  What is the main purpose of developing the website?


Q2. According to you what are the reasons that will make the customers visit the website?


Q3. What features of the website would you like to develop that you feel is useful for retention of web users?


Q4. What is the target age group that you want to cater to through your website?

a)   Between ten to twenty

b)   Between twenty to thirty

c)   Above thirty

d)   Others (please specify): __________________

Q5. Do you want the audience or visitors to give feedback or post their comments on the website?

a)   Yes

b)   Sometimes

c)   No

Q6. What do you want to be the unique selling point of your website?


Q7. What kind of messages do you want to be displayed on the web in order to communicate with the visitors?


Q8. Do you want to redevelop any certain section?


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