Volunteer Training Questionnaire

A volunteer training questionnaire is one that is required to be filed in by a volunteer before undertaking the training. This type of questionnaire is important as it checks the levels of knowledge of the volunteer to take up the work that is going to be assigned. Also this questionnaire is a way to obtain personal information of the volunteer in a brief manner.

Sample Volunteer training questionnaire

Full name of the volunteer – ____________________________________

Communication address – ____________________________________

Email address – ____________________________________

Contact number – ____________________________________

DOB and Age – ____________________________________

1. Are you aware of the volunteer program run by our organization?

a. Yes

b. No

2. Please let us know the reason for your taking up this volunteer training at our organization?

a. Help people in the best possible way

b. Enhance my practical skills of learning social work studies being pursued by me.

c. Gain knowledge

d. Acquire administrative skills to manage charity organizations

3. Do you wish to take up this volunteer training full time or part time?

a. Full time

b. Part time

4. On the basis of the training please let us know the expectations you have from this training program?


5. Do you feel that you are capable of managing the tough schedule of volunteer work along with your study schedule right now?

a. Yes

b. No

6. Please provide your opinion on why volunteer work is important?


7. Will you recommend this volunteer training program to your friends and relatives and motivate them to join along with you?

a. Yes

b. No

8. What do you think are the qualities that a volunteer should possess?

a. Good communication skills

b. Good nature and character

c. Good perseverance

d. Good patience

9. What are the suggestions that you want to make to make this volunteer training program even better?


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