Voice of Customer Questionnaire

The voice of customer questionnaire is a form that is filled by a consumer, appraising or criticizing the service offered and received from a particular company or organization.

The voice of customer questionnaire does just that. It voices the customer’s outlook and feelings towards your organization.

As an organization, if your main aim is to seek to know how satisfied your customers are, if you wish to improve your customer retention and build customer loyalty, if you want to find ways of bettering your organization and becoming more productive, then using a voice of customer questionnaire is the way that you should go.

Sample Voice of Customer Questionnaire

How would you rate the customer service?

  • Unsurpassed
  • Well Done
  • Unremarkable
  • Wanting

How would you rate our services on the bass of timeliness?

  • Unexcelled
  • Solid
  • Nondescript
  • Wanting

How would you rate the prices in terms of value for money services?

  • Value for Money
  • Fair
  • On the high side
  • Too expensive

Will you use our services again?
(If no, please explain why)
Do you think you would inform others about the services we offer?

How would you rate your overall satisfaction?

  • Overly Satisfied
  • Satisfied
  • Average
  • Unsatisfied

What changes would you like to see effected in the company?

Were you in any way dissatisfied with any aspect of our company?  Please inform us.
Other comments ________________________________________

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