Video Production Questionnaire

A corporate organization generally use the services of video production for a specific purpose like making a promotional video, informational video for employees/trainee, a customer support video, client testimonial videos, corporate event launches (new product launches) or product demonstrations for target markets/audiences/in-house employees. A video product questionnaire helps the organization to understand the needs of the client and create a format for an upcoming video presentation, helps to collect proper information regarding a product or a service, etc.

Sample Video Production Questionnaire:

Name: ____________________________________________

Age: ______________________________________________

1. Who or what target audience are you expecting to reach via your video?

a) In-house personnel

b) Present/Current clients

c) Potential/New Clients

d) Established clients

e) Customers


2. What is the purpose behind your video production?

a) Customer support

b) Client requirement

c) Employee training videos

d) Corporate presentations

e) Other


3. Have you considered any particular length regarding the video?

a) 5-10 minutes

b) 15-20 minutes

c) 20-30 minutes

d) Over 30 minutes

e) Any other (please specify)


4. Please mention which of the following areas of the organization you want us to focus on:

a) Organization history

b) Past case success stories

c) Overall services provided

d) Any other


5. What are the factors that make your company stand out?


6. Do you want us to prepare a ready-made script or will you be doing the same yourself?


7. Please let us know the approximate start and end dates that you have in mind (to shoot the video)


8. Do you need copies? Please mention how many


9. What is the budget you have in mind? Please specify


10. Please mention if you have any other queries in mind

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