Types of Questionnaire

The type of a questionnaire depends on the topic that forms its basis and the concerned persons it targets. The questionnaire for selecting candidates for a financial researching post in a firm is obviously different in style and form than that which aims to assess customer satisfaction about certain telecom service.

Broadly speaking, the questionnaire types can be divided into four groups. The first group consists of structured questionnaire that are non-disguised. In this variety, the questions are formatted in an order which is pre-arranged. The concerned persons who respond to the questions are queried on the objective of gathering information.

The second group consists of questionnaire that are structured in form and disguised in nature. In this type of questionnaire, the questions asked to the respondents are in an arranged format from the beginning to the end. Moreover, the concerned persons are not given any indications in regards to the survey’s primary objective.

The questionnaire type in the third group is known to be non-structured and in a form that is non-disguised. There is no definite arrangement of the questions in this particular case. The conductor of the survey is free to ask questions to the respondents in any order. Moreover, the concerned persons who fill the questionnaire are explained about the objective of the survey.

The fourth category is termed as the non-structured questionnaire that has a disguised format. In this type of questionnaire the features are almost same as the third type except the fact that the participants in the survey are not explained anything regarding the questionnaire’s purpose.

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