Training Review Questionnaire

A training review questionnaire refers to a method of both quantifying and qualifying the training sessions from the view of the participants. Such kind of calculative measures enables the training organizers to make changes in future training programs in order to make them more effective and satisfying for the ones participating in it.

Sample Training Review Questionnaire

Name of the Participant: ________________

Address: ________________

Contact Number: __________________

Email address: ___________________________

Name of the training undergone: ________________________________________

(Please choose the right option and tick in front of them wherever necessary)

  1. Have you ever participated in any other such training program related to management?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  1. If yes, then give details.


  1. How would you rate this management training session on a scale of 10?


  1. What do you feel about the allocation of time to the various topics given?
  1. Good
  2. Bad
  3. Could have been better
  4. Yes
  5. No
  6. Strongly agree
  7. Agree
  8. Neither agree nor disagree
  9. Disagree
  10. Strongly disagree
  1. Do you think this management training shall be useful to you in your professional aspects?
  1. Management is an essential tool in every walk of life and should be used effectively to make things simpler and convenient.
  1. Point out the aspects of the training that you feel was positive.


  1. Point out the aspects you feel needs improvement.


  1. Recommend some improvisations you feel shall make the training program more effective.


  1. Would you suggest you friends to also participate in such training programs?
  1. Yes
  2. No

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