Training Questionnaire

A training questionnaire is a written document created by organisations or companies so as to analyse the progress made by a trainee during the training program. This type of a questionnaire deals with basic questions that are simple to answer and is aimed at getting a clear response from the trainee.

A training questionnaire should be framed with precision as it is important that the questions are clear and do not confuse the person answering the paper. Such a questionnaire must start with extracting basic information about the trainee such as the name and address. Proceed onto asking for the details of the job and department that the trainee has worked for. The last few questions must focus upon what the trainee has learnt so far and if he would like to continue or not.

A training questionnaire can be of multiple kinds depending upon the kind of training. The following are a few examples:

  • Marketing training questionnaire
  • Clerical training questionnaire
  • Media training questionnaire


These questionnaires are basically the analysis of the person’s training experience and are focussed at achieving an over view of the kind of training that is being provided by the various trainers. The language of these questionnaires must be kept easy and writing long questions should be avoided.

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