Training Questionnaire Template

A training questionnaire template is a prepared format which evaluates a candidate’s goals and objectives before embarking on a training program. It determines the training a prospective that an individual requires and the way to design of an efficacious and comprehensive training program.

Sample Training Questionnaire Template

Name: _______________ [the prospective trainee’s name]

Age: _______________ [age of the trainee]

Current designation: _____________________ [the present job position of the trainee]

1. What are your primary areas of skill?

________________________________________________ [Mention the primary skills so that a potential trainee could be encouraged to identify and acknowledge his capabilities for improving them]

2. Why do you want to join this particular training program?

_________________________________________________ [the candidate is expected to gauge the kind of experience he wants to obtain in the program]

3. What do you consider the ideal duration of such a program?

• Six months

• A year

• More than a year [this question enables the candidate to deliberate on the time he can spend on improving his skill set]

4. What are the primary areas where you believe the knowledge you gain from this program can induce a change?

• You can face more challenging tasks within your field

• You seek to change field

• You want to equip yourself with latest training for better prospects [the candidate is required to analyze his or her future intentions thought his question]

5. What are your current responsibilities?

________________________________________________ [Mention the current status and the potential of the trainee]

6. What are your expectations for this program? _________________________________________________ [Highlight the individual’s own desires and vision for himself]

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