Training Questionnaire Format

A training questionnaire format provides the basic guidelines and pattern for creating a training questionnaire. The objective is to help institutions and organizations in preparing questionnaires that will help them evaluate the effectiveness of a training program. Training questionnaires help organizations to determine the strong and weak areas of any certain ongoing training program.

Sample Training Questionnaire Format:

Name:  _________________ [name of the participant]

Address: _____________________ [home address of the participant]

Age: ___________________________ [age of the participant]

Email: ____________________________ [email address of the participant]

Training batch no: _______________________ [batch number of participant]

First question: [First question should focus on the length of time that the trainee has been undergoing the training program. It can also determine the nature of the training.]

Second question: [Second question should concentrate on bringing out the direct response of the trainee towards training. It can ask whether they enjoyed the program or to rate the effectiveness of training on a scale of 10].

Third question: [The third category of questions should focus on the feedback about trainer, effectiveness of his methods, his approach towards the subject and his conduct, comfort level of trainees towards their trainer, his professionalism etc. This type of questions can help the organization to analyze the professional worth of trainers.]

Fourth question: [The fourth category of questions should focus on the relevance and aptness of course material. This category can also include questions regarding the length of training sessions].

Fifth question: [The fifth category of questions should focus on bringing out the response of trainee about strong and weak points of the training. It helps the organization in determining the strengths and weaknesses of program and in improving the quality of the program].

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