Training Questionnaire Form

A training questionnaire form is prepared by the companies or organizations and is targeted at trainees. It helps in analyzing the effectiveness of any training program and in assessing the trainees. It also helps the organization to find out that how various trainers are performing, and how beneficial a certain training program is, whether it should be continued or not, and whether any changes are required. The questions in training questionnaires are specific, precise and focus at bringing out clear responses from trainees. Such questionnaires provide an overview of the training, trainer’s methods and experience gained by the trainees.

Training Questionnaire Form Sample:

Personal Information

Name of the Trainee:

Training Batch No:



Zip Code:

Phone Number:

Email ID:



Q1 For how long have you been undergoing this training?

(Answer Here)

Q2 Did you enjoy yourself during this training?

  • Yes, very much.
  • To an extent.
  • Not really.

Q3 How would you rate the relevance and effectiveness of this training on a scale of 10?

(Answer Here)

Q4 Were the instructions and techniques of the trainer precise and easy to follow?

  • Absolutely!
  • Most of the time.
  • Could have been better.

Q5 Was the course material provided apt and easy to comprehend

  • Yes, absolutely!
  • Some areas were not well presented.
  • It was very difficult.
  • It was not very relevant

Q6 Do you think the duration of the training sessions was appropriate

  • Yes, it was appropriate.
  • It was longer than required.

It could have been longer.

Q7  Do you think this training will help you in your professional life?

  • Yes, definitely!
  • To a certain extent.
  • Not much

Q8 According to you which are the strong areas of this program? Please specify:

      (Answer Here)

Q9 Which areas do you feel need improvement? Please specify

(Answer Here)

Q10 Would you like to be a part of such training program in future?

9: Sure!

  • Not sure.
  • No.

Signature of the Individual__________________      

Date: _________________

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