Training Needs Questionnaire

A training needs questionnaire helps to get the feedback regarding the usefulness of a particular training and how it can be improved to get maximum benefit for an organization. The questionnaire will include various different types of questions which have to be answered by the trainees on various aspects. These questionnaires are very helpful tool for the senior level management to assess the needs of training.

Training Needs Questionnaire Sample




Phone no.


Previously worked for:

Experience with working with operating systems:

  1. How useful did you think that the training program was?

A)   I  learnt a lot

B)   It was a waste of time

C)   It was educational but I still have a long way to go

  1. Did you interact with your peers?

A)   Yes we discussed all aspects of the training

B)   No one else was interested

C)   There was no scope for discussion

  1. Do you think the time period of the training was sufficient?

A)   Yes

B)   No, a little more time would have been helpful

  1. Do you think that this training will help you further in the course of your job?

A)   Yes it should prove helpful

B)   No it taught me nothing new

  1. Do you think this training course should be continued further?

A)   Yes, definitely

B)   No, it is pointless

  1. Would you recommend your peers to undergo this training?

A)   Yes

B)   No

  1. What do you think about the applicability of this new information system? Describe in your own words.

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