Training Impact Evaluation Questionnaire

A Training impact evaluation questionnaire is utilised for evaluating the response of the trainees to any training programme. It also helps in analysing the  utility of the training programs along with identifying the gap in that paarticular training. This questionnare helps in improving the training programe for the betterment of the people who are going to be benfited by this programe. This is a very carefully designed documnet which tries to assess the exact opinion and feedback of the tariness to understand the impact of the training programe. Given below is a sample of Training impact evaluation questionnaire:

Sample Training Impact Evaluation Questionnaire

Name of the trainee: _____________________________________

Name of the training coordinator: _____________________________________

Designation of the trainee: ___________________________________________

Date of birth: _________________________________________

Department in which would be posted after the training: ___________________

Email address of the trainee: _______________________________________

Contact details of the trainee: ______________________________________

Kindly answer all the questions and share with us your experience about this training programme.

Q1. Is this the first training you have attended in our organisation?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q2. If yes, then tell us about your first time experience about the training programme offered by our organisation?


Q3. What would you say about the overall impact of this training programme?

a)   Very nice and pleasing

b)   Good

c)   Average

d)   Needs changes and improvement

Q4. Have you been able to implement the knowledge provided by the training in your work?

a)   Yes very much

b)   To some extent

c)   Not at all

Q5.  What you have to say about the knowledge and presentation of your trainer?

a)   Very good

b)   Good

c)   Average

d)   Needs improvement

Q6. What is your rating about the model and methods of training offered by our organisation?

a)   Highly satisfactory

b)   Satisfactory

c)   Not very satisfactory

d)   Not at all satisfactory

Q7. What are your recommendations for improving our training programmes?


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