Tips for Effective Questionnaire

For formulating an effective questionnaire, it is very essential to know about the core of the topic/subject/issue that will be the main focus of the questionnaire. The person who prepares the questions should try to tell in brief the subject matter of the questionnaire at the beginning and its utility.

The basic point to be noted is recording the details of the one who answers the questions. His/her name, contact phone number, email id, if possible full contact address need to be mentioned in the questionnaire for further or continuing correspondence. A data of the candidates/participants who have taken part is built in this manner.

It is noteworthy that some questions can be unsettling for the takers, like annual income details or property estimates. Such queries must not be done at the beginning of the questionnaire, as these can hinder the initial flow of spontaneous answers.

The questions should be concise. Lengthy questions are often not interpreted wisely by the people filling in the answers. The questions that are short and direct are understood quickly and answered in good spirits. Moreover, there should be some care taken not to repeat the questions and regarding not using the same options as answers all throughout.

Yet another crucial factor that works for an effective questionnaire is inclusion of alternatives in cases where no definite answer can be concluded. It is about providing the participant with more space to respond. An effective questionnaire also should not include questions that seem to deviate from the main area of query.

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