Teenage Stress Questionnaire

More and more schools and medical institutions are conducting tests using teenage stress questionnaire as the level of anxiety in teenagers have grown in the last decade or so. There are several different teenage stress questionnaires being used by different institutions to understand the primary reasons for the high level of stress. The results of the teenage stress questionnaire actually help experts to work ways of de-stressing or for providing proper guidance to students in order to handle stress.

Sample Teenage Stress Questionnaire:

Name of the participant: _____________________________

School/High-School: _____________________________

Class: ________________________________________

Father’s Name: _____________________________

Mother’s Name: ____________________________

Guardian’s Name: (If staying in Hostel): ______________________________

  • Which of the following according to you is causing the maximum stress in your life?

a)      Joining a new school

b)      Separation of parents or divorce

c)      Not winning any school awards

d)     Taking an examination or test

e)      Death in the family

f)       Fight with friends

  • Which of the following symptoms do you feel arises out of stress?

a)      High fever

b)      Stomach pain and loose motion

c)      Nervousness

d)     Anger and tantrums

e)      Changing moods

f)       Running away from situations

g)      Depression

  • How often do you feel stressed?

a)      Everyday

b)      Once a week or fortnight

c)      Once a month

d)     Every month

e)      During examination time

f)       Only when in a bad situation

g)      Rarely

  • When you are stressed who do you speak to most often about it?

a)      Mother

b)      Father

c)      Siblings

d)     Girlfriend / Boyfriend

e)      Other relatives

f)       Neighbor

g)      Teacher / Professor

h)      Other students

i)        Best Friend

j)        No one

  • Do you see any of these symptoms very often? (You can check multiple options)

a)      Lack of focus in studies

b)      Under performance in sports

c)      Forgetfulness

d)     Drop in examination scores

e)      Carelessness

f)       Lack of interest in any activity

g)      Lack of appetite

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