Teacher Training Questionnaire

A teacher training questionnaire is a questionnaire that helps to assess the training needs of teachers. These types of questionnaires help the educational organizations to conduct good training sessions for teachers as per their needs and requirements.

Sample Teacher Training Questionnaire

Name: ________________

Mention the classes that you teach: ______________

Subjects that you teach: ______________________

Contact Number: __________________

Email address: ___________________________

  1. What are the major subjects you are planning to take up in teaching?


  1. Are you planning to take up teaching as a full time profession?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Pre-primary
  4. Primary
  5. Secondary
  6. Higher secondary
  7. Other
  8. Yes
  9. No
  10. Yes
  11. No
  12. Yes
  13. No
  14. One month
  15. Two months
  16. Three months
  17. More than three months
  18. Yes
  19. No
  20. Maybe
  1. If yes then to which level of teaching?
  1. If other, specify __________________________________________________________
  2. Have you attended such training programs related to teaching before?
  1. If yes, then give details ____________________________________________________
  2. Do you feel there should be a practical teaching session for the aspiring teachers?
  1. Would you want professional teachers to take some sessions and share their views over the pros and cons related to teaching?
  1. What do you feel should be the duration of this training program?
  1. Do you feel that these kinds of programs shall be useful to you once you start teaching professionally?
  1. What are the other suggestions from your side as to what should be included in these sessions?


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