Talent Management Questionnaire

Talent management questionnaires are used by organizations in a bid to harness talent from their human resource personnel. The questionnaire is used to collect information about how the organization is managing talent for its development and the employee’s development. This will result in high employee retention within the organization.

Sample talent management questionnaire

How many employees does your organization have? _________________

Answer yes or no

Do you experience high employee turn over rates in a year? _____________________

Are you recruitment methods efficient and suitable?  _________________

Is your organization losing some of its best employees to your competitors? ________________________

Does the HR department use the most effective and efficient system? _______________

Is your organization attracting the right kind of personnel that will help it grow? ______________________

How does the company plan to help employee development? _______________________________________________________________________

Do employees know how to get into the talent pool? _______________

How easy is it to enter into the talent pool?

* Quite easy  * Easy  * Difficult  * quiet difficult

Who is in the talent pool?

* Just a few people  * Everyone


What level of support do you provide to your talent pool?  _____________

How transparent is your talent management system? ________________

How much risk is the organization willing to put into the talent pool? ______________

How does the organization enhance talent progress?

* Differentiated route  * Accelerated route

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