Surveys are an important method of gathering data for research and analysis.  They are easy to design and also help in getting immediate answers.  There are different types of surveys and you can choose the one most suited for your needs.

Before starting to design a survey, it is important to know its purpose or aim.  When you have clear ideas of your goals then it becomes easier to prepare the questions to garner the requisite information.

The next step would be to choose the target-group as well as the target-number.  It is important to choose a ‘statistically significant’ target number to get appropriate results.

While formulating questions keep them simple and short.  It is best not to combine questions as this can only confuse the respondents.  Follow a logical sequence, starting with simple ones first.  Avoid asking questions which are not relevant to your survey.    Give distinct choices, so that the reader can select without any confusion.

If feasible, it is best to pre-test your survey with a sample audience to fine-tune it and make it more effective.

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  1. Muhammad Aamir Saleem says:

    Our is plannig to conduct a survey for the improment and to enhance the business relationship with valuable Supplier / Vendor. We planed to get feedback from regular vendors / suppliers deals in plant spares, plant chemicals and general consumables items.
    Therefore, you are requested to send me the sample of “Survey Questionnaire” and give details ” who to calculate our performance as “procurement deptt.” through feedback of Questionnaire.

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