Survey Versus Questionnaire

A survey and a questionnaire are almost the same as they are tools that help in satisfying a business or research based need. An insight into survey versus questionnaire will reveal that there are very minute differences between the two and hence it is very difficult to determine, which one is a better tool. Some consider the survey to be the best tool for measuring consumer behavior and experience while others consider a questionnaire to be the best tool for finding out relevant information regarding an object, a need, a desire, or experience.

Both survey and questionnaires can fulfill the same requirement and at the same time be different from each other in approach and objective. Let us look at some of the differences and similarities in the context of survey versus questionnaire.

  • Differences: A questionnaire consists of a series of questions to satisfy the purpose of gathering information while a survey consists of statements as well as questions that fulfill the objective of finding out more about an experience. A questionnaire can be a part of a survey but a survey is never a part of a questionnaire. A questionnaire can cover various subjects from medical care to marketing strategies while a survey will be focused on mostly products, which could vary from a real estate property to a moisturizing cream. A questionnaire normally targets a single individual while a survey can target a group.
  • Similarities: There are quite a few similarities concerning surveys and questionnaires like both require an objective, both focus on deriving a result or feedback, both are data intensive, and are conducted by an organization, an agency, or a business.

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