Survey Questionnaire

Survey questionnaires are used to gather information from people for various purposes.  They are one of the most convenient and popular methods of doing so.  This data is then collated, processed and utilized according to the needs of the surveyor.

While writing a survey questionnaire, it is important to know what your aim is.  Start with specific goals as only then can you formulate questions to suit your purpose.

It is helpful to give a name to your survey questionnaire e.g. Customer survey questionnaire, Consumer Survey Questionnaire, Social survey Questionnaire, etc.  This helps the readers understand what kind of a survey it is.

It is best to keep the questionnaires short as most people do not like to fill out lengthy forms.  Use colloquial language and simple sentences to avoid ambiguity.  The questions must mean the same thing to everybody who reads them.  This can be best achieved when you stick to simplicity.

A survey questionnaire can include both open ended as well as close ended questions.  Follow a logical sequence to make the respondent’s job easier.  When you offer choices, keep the list short as well as distinct.  Do not confuse the person by giving similar meaning alternatives.

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