Survey Questionnaire Format

Survey questionnaires are formulated to gain information for varied purposes. It is one of the most popular methods employed to gather information. The data collected is then processed according to the needs of the surveyor. A survey questionnaire format is basic layout of a survey questionnaire. The most important feature of a survey questionnaire format should be its simplicity in design as well as its questions. The questions should be direct as long explanatory answers are not ideal for a survey. The questions should also be according to the target audience.

Survey Questionnaire Format Sample

Name                       Middle Name                      Surname

____________  _________________ ____________________

Age: _______________________

Resident of ____________________ (District and State)

First Question: (The first question can inquire regarding the topic the survey is being carried out for. For example: Are there any health facilities in your surroundings? Such examples help to identify whether the respondent is aware of the brand/service etc.)

Second Question: (The second question can further dwell into the brand/service. For example: How many clinics and hospitals are present in your area?)

Third Question: (The third question can be directed towards quality and worth of the product/service. It can be framed to inquire whether the participant is happy with the product/service. For example: Are you satisfied with the health service provided by governmental hospitals/clinics)

Fourth Question: (The fourth question can be formulated to inquire if all the necessary facilities, amenities and services provided are up to the mark. This helps to understand what the respondent feels about the service/product or how much satisfied he/she is.)

Fifth Question: (Depending upon the product/survey further questions maybe asked)

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