Super Market Questionnaire

The questions contained super market questionnaire is aimed at the prospect or current customers of a super market. The set questions assess the existence and importance of a super market in the view of the prospect clientele. An analysis of the answer to the questions can help understand the current status of super markets in the sales of consumer goods. It can also help a prospect entrant in deciding its future course of action and the requirements it must meet before launching a super market. The document also helps seek the potential investment areas.

Sample Super Market Questionnaire

Name: ___________________

Age: ___________________

Sex: ___________________

Occupation: ___________________

Qualifications: ___________________

Email- Address: ___________________

Kindly answer the following questions:

1. Are there any super market located near your residence?

2. If not close to your residence, are there any super markets in your state or area?

a. Yes

b. No.

3. Have you ever shopped at a super market?

a. Yes,

b. No, but would like to,

c. No, don’t like the concept.

4. What are the best features of a super market besides the fact that it makes shopping convenient by providing a variety of products under one roof?

5. Mention (if any) the feature of super markets you believe makes them unattractive and an inconvenience?

6. How far will you be ready to travel to reach a super market?

7. How often would you shop at the super market if it’s within your reach?

8. Kindly mention any specific requirements you believe must be met by the super markets? (Like parking, security etc.)







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