Stress Questionnaire

Stress questionnaires are questionnaires designed to conduct a survey of the stress levels of urban dwellers. It can be a job stress related study, or a survey of the hazards of living in today’s fast paced age. Stress questionnaires must be composed of questions which are relevant, direct and pointed; they must be framed in such a way as to eschew any vagueness. Some important factors that must be considered while framing stress questionnaires are as follows:

  • The questions must be farmed in a manner that long explanatory answers are not required. They must be short, covering all the important areas and to the point.
  • Stress questionnaires must be formulated in a way that all relevant topics are covered. They must be comprehensive only then can proper and valuable statistics be created out of the questionnaires.
  • They must also have proper frames of reference like a targeted age group or a certain section of the population. The narrower the frames of reference are, the higher the chances of some kind of inferences to be drawn. Otherwise, a consensus cannot be achieved.

Stress questionnaires are documents which highlight and guide the direction a survey can take. If composed correctly in a well thought out manner, these surveys can be of immense importance in figuring out trends. Stress questionnaires are a vital element of this process.

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