Stress Questionnaire Template

In order to understand the rising stress levels, stress questionnaires are used as they provide comprehensive data. It is observed that individuals residing in cities and urban areas are more prone to stress related issues. Therefore it becomes imperative to administer stress questionnaires. A stress questionnaire template helps to draft an ideal questionnaire that can be used for stress survey. The questions usually are direct and to the point, irrelevant questions should not be included in such questionnaires.

Stress Questionnaire Template Sample

Name _________________________ (Name of the Participant)

Permanent Address _____________________ (Full Address of the Participant)

Gender:  Male/ Female

Age ________________ (Age of the Participant)

Email Address __________________ (Email Id Participant)

Job/Designation _______________________

Q1:  Do you comprehend that you are suffering from stress?

  • Yes
  • No

(A direct question to understand whether the participant feels he/she is under stress or not)

Q2: What are the common symptoms you see while under stress?


(This kind of question is targeted to understand what the participant conceives of his stress)

Q3: Are you able to sleep peacefully?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Rarely
  • Sometimes

(This should be a direct question in order to understand the sleeping patterns of the participant)

Q4: When under stress, what do you generally do?

  • Shout at others
  • Shut yourself up from others
  • Indulge in peculiar behaviors (nail biting, hair twirling etc.)

(This question is aimed at learning the habits of the participant)

Q5: Do you think you are able to manage your professional as well as personal life efficiently?

  • Yes
  • No

(This question again helps in understanding what the individual perceives of his life and           situation)

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