Stress Questionnaire Format

A stress questionnaire is designed to analyze the stress levels within city dwellers. Due to hectic lifestyle and job issues, it is observed that there is a rising trend of stress related issues amongst people living in the urban areas. A stress questionnaire format helps analyzers to lay down the basics of a questionnaire. The questions usually are direct and to the point and helps to create a simple yet useful stress questionnaire. A well structured stress questionnaire can be extremely helpful in analyzing the stress level trends.

Stress Questionnaire Format Sample

Name ___________________ (Name of the Participant)

Address: __________________ (Full address)

Phone Number: __________________ (Residential number of the Participant)

Email ID: ______________________ (Email Id to communicate effectively)

Designation ________________________ (Nature of work and designation of the participant)

First Question: (The first question should be a direct question inquiring if the participant feels if he/she is stressed. Do you feel you suffer from stress? Such kinds of questions will help to gain an understanding of what the individual perceives of his stress levels.)

Second Question; (The second question can inquire about his sleeping habits. Question that can be asked include, Are you able to sleep properly? Or, how many times are you able to have a peaceful sleep?)

Third Question: (Under this question, participant can be asked about his leisure activities)

Fourth Question: (Fourth question may be directed towards what the participant feels could be the root causes for his/her stress. This could be a multi-choice question.)

Fifth Question: (Fifth question may inquire whether due to stress; the participant indulges in substance abuse such as alcohol, cigarette or drugs.)

Sixth Question: (Further relevant questions can be asked when targeting a group such as teachers, teenagers, academic groups, professionals etc.)

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