Stress Questionnaire For Student

Education can be an extremely competitive field and most often than not students succumb to stress in a bid to get ahead of competition. The stress questionnaire for students helps them to identify what is causing stress and how they are handling the stress. This type of questionnaire helps students in realigning their core objectives so that they don’t lose focus and stay on the right path.

Stress Questionnaire For Student Sample

Name of the student: _______________________________________

Age: ______ Sex: _______  Course: ___________________________

College/University: ________________________________________

Major in:______________________  Year: ______________________

Email: ____________________________________________________

Q1. How do you work your way out of stress?

a)   By running away from it

b)   By facing it without losing focus

c)   By blaming others for it

Q2. Which of the following do you do when in a stressful situation?

a)   Hope for a miracle

b)   Pray to god

c)   Start over eating

d)   Start sleeping more

e)   Avoid being with other students

f)    Create a plan of action

g)   Focus on what needs to be done

h)   Draw from past experiences

i)     Refuse to believe in the situation

Q3. My coursework is expansive and this is causing stress.

a)   Strongly disagree

b)   Disagree

c)   Agree

d)   Strongly agree

e)   Neutral

Q4. I am scared of examinations.

a)   Strongly disagree

b)   Disagree

c)   Agree

d)   Strongly agree

e)   Neutral

Q5. I am stressed because I am scared of _________________

a)   Being at the bottom of the class

b)   Not being able to finish my assignments

c)   Not being good at practicals

d)   Not being able to contribute to class projects

e)   Not being confident of myself

f)    Not being confident of my fellow students

Q6. How often are you stressed?

a)   All the time

b)   Sometimes

c)   Once in a while

d)   Once in months

e)   Never

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