Stress Appraisal Measure Questionnaire

A stress appraisal measure questionnaire often known as SAM is basically considered as a multidimensional approach to cognitive appraisal. It is primarily used to measure emotional and psychological stress. There are several aspects that can be considered including a checklist of important or life changing events, daily events in life and at work, perceived stress related events and much more.

Sample Stress Appraisal Measure Questionnaire:

Name of the Participant: _____________________________

Working / Student: _____________________________

Address:____________________________ City: _____________

State: __________  Zip: ______________________

Email: _____________________________

Phone Number: ____________________________

  • Do you feel that your life is at a stage, which can be considered as hopeless?

a)      Extremely hopeless

b)      Hopeless

c)      Moderately hopeless

d)     Not hopeless

e)      Life is fine

  • Do you feel the current situations in your life are creating unnecessary tension or stress?

a)      Yes

b)      No

c)      Don’t Know

  • Which one of the following relates closely to what you are feeling right now?

a)      Anxious

b)      Irritable

c)      Disinterested

d)     Living in deniability

e)      Moody

f)       Jittery

g)      Scared

  • Which of the following contributes to the maximum amount of stress in your life right now?

a)      Marriage

b)      Children

c)      Work

d)     Relationship problems

e)      Loneliness

f)       Performance at school/college/work

  • Which of the following activities do you indulge in when completely stressed out?

a)      Cold shower

b)      Go for a beer

c)      Catch a movie

d)     Talk to your friends

e)      Go into a shell

f)       Look for a solution

g)      Exercise

h)      Listen to music

i)        Travel

  • Does stress change your outlook towards personal and professional life?

a)      Very Often

b)      Most Often

c)      Sometimes

d)     Never

e)      Rarely

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