Stock Market Questionnaire

A stock market questionnaire is a document with contains set of questions that helps to know the current trend in the stock market. These types of questionnaires can also be used to know the knowledge of the people regarding stock market and its functioning. The questionnaire contains multiple types of questions which are related to current stock market, stock trends, investment pattern and other such related matters.

Sample Stock Market Questionnaire






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Kindly answer the following questions:

1. Do you invest in the stock market or working there?

a. Yes

b. No,

If the answer to above question is yes then kindly continue answering.

2. Does an individual need to have some necessary educational qualifications or some degree before treading into the stock market?

a. Yes

b. No.

3. What is the minimum amount of money that one must be ready to invest if any rewards are to be expected?

4. What according to you is the reward to failure ratio in the stock market? (in your experience)

5. Would you prefer a long term investment or a short term investment in equity?

a. Long term

b. Short term

c. Both. Specify

6. How short is the ideal short term investment?

7. How long according to you is the ideal long term investment?

8. According to you, what all precautions or knowledge an individual must possess in order to invest in stock market?

9. What would you prefer among the following

a. High risk and high profit

b. Low risk and low profit.

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