Stem Career Interest Questionnaire

A stem career interest questionnaire takes into consideration the STEM fields, which comprise of 4 important fields of study i.e., science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. A stem career interest questionnaire helps an individual to understand the various stem career options that they have and how they can use their skills to achieve stable growth in their stem careers. Some of the most popular stem careers include computing, physical sciences, traditional engineering, life sciences, systems analysis, and mathematics.

Sample Stem Career Interest Questionnaire:

Name of the Participant: _____________________________

Address: ______________________________________  City:_______________

State: __________________  Zip: ________________

Email: _____________________________

Phone Number: ____________________________

Occupation: _______________________________

  • Do you like to develop user-friendly machines?

a)      Strongly like

b)      Like

c)      Neutral

d)     Dislike

e)      Strongly dislike

f)       I don’t know

  • How interested are you to pursue a science based career?

a)      Extremely interested

b)      Very interested

c)      Interested

d)     Neutral

e)      Disinterested

f)       Not very interested

g)      Not interested at all

  • Which of the following study areas interest you the most?

a)      Nanotechnology

b)      Physics

c)      Nuclear Physics

d)     Robotics

e)      Astrophysics

f)       Actuarial Science

g)      Computer Science

h)      Chemistry

i)        Biochemistry

j)        Mathematics

k)      Civil Engineering

l)        Mechanical Engineering

m)    Electrical Engineering

n)      Computer Engineering

  • o)      Chemical Engineering

p)      Aerospace Engineering

q)      Neurobiology

r)       Astronomy

s)       Bioinformatics

t)       Biomechanics

u)      Others: _______________________ (Please Specify)

  • Have you completed any Pre-Stem programs in college or after?

a)      Yes

b)      No

  • Which of the following job profiles interest you the most?

a)      Scientists

b)      Engineers

c)      Software engineers

d)     Information and Technology specialists

e)      Computer programmers

f)       Medical technician

g)      Economists

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