Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire

Spiritual Gifts questionnaire will help an individual to identify their god given spiritual gifts. A person should answer these questions wisely and find a path to follow their calling. This will help them to realize their true gifts and make them aware of their aim in life. Once you find your calling you can begin developing it further to apply your gifts in daily life or any religious surroundings.

Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire Sample





1.Do you have the ability to sense when others are worried or in some trouble?

A)   almost always

B)   sometimes

C)   rarely, I am usually wrapped up in my own troubles

2. Do you instinctively tend to comfort those in trouble?

A)   almost always

B)   sometimes

C)   rarely

3. Do people confide in you easily?

A)   almost always

B)   sometimes

C)   rarely

4.  Do you  assume leadership as and when required?

A)   almost always, it comes to me naturally

B)   sometimes

C)   rarely, I let others take charge

5. Are you very confident of proving the glory of god?

A)   yes that is my ultimate aim

B)   maybe but I am not sure myself

C)   no I am not really interested in convincing others

6. Do you believe in miracles?

A)   Yes I believe in the small miracles of life

B)   I am still unsure

C)   No I am too practical, miracles do not happen

7. Are you passionate about doing god’s work?

A)   yes it is my focus in life

B)   yes alongside my regular job

C)   maybe if I get time

8. Have you encountered any phenomenon where your prayers heal people?

A)   yes

B)   I am not entirely sure

C)   Not yet

If the answers to most of the questions is A, then you have distinctive spiritual gifts.

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