Social Questionnaire Form

A Social questionnaire form is directed towards a group of people living in a particular demographic in order to learn about their social life. Such questionnaires are usually created by social scientists and sociologists while studying social life. The questions in a social questionnaire vary according to the subject of study or the demographic being studied. Social questionnaires must consist of a simple language and must be free of error. Even though there are various methods to study social life, social questionnaires are the most used as they are easy to administer.

Social Questionnaire Form Sample

Personal Information

Name of the respondent:



City and State


Phone Number:


Q1 Where do you live and what is the social structure of the area you reside in?

(Answer Here)

Q2 How many family members do you have?

         (Answer Here)

Q3 How many dependents are there in your family?

(Answer Here)

Q4 Which religion do you follow?

(Answer Here)

Q5 Do you suffer from any health issues?

  • Yes
  • No

Q6 If yes, name them.

         (Answer Here)

Q7 What are the major customs or traditions followed by you and your family?

(Answer Here)

Q8 What kind of family structure do you live in?

  • Nuclear
  • Joint


Q9 What is your native language?

         (Answer Here)

Q10 What is your political inclination?

          (Answer Here)

Q11What is your primary source of income?

Q12 Are you able to make savings in your current earnings?

  • Yes
  • No

Signature of the Individual__________________      

Date: _________________

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