Six Factor Personality Questionnaires

The Six Factor Personality Questionnaire is a test on a person’s various characteristics. It facilitates a rough quantification of several attributes of any human being. The results of this test are used in various sectors of employability to determine the actual nature of an individual and place him in the appropriate position accordingly. The questions should determine the nature of a characteristic very clearly to obtain a good result. A sample questionnaire is given below.

Sample Six Factor Personality Questionnaires

Please choose the correct option:

1)   Have you ever resigned from one job even though you have not got any other job lined up?

a)   Yes

b)   No, but I might do it

c)   No, I would never do it

2)   If you are faced with a problem, do you try out new methods to solve it?

a)   Yes, I am very innovative

b)   No, I am rather conventional

3)   Some friends invited you for a dinner in a Thai restaurant. You are not at all fond of that type of cuisine. What do you do?

a)   Turn down the event saying you don’t like the type of food served there

b)   You go to the restaurant and grumble the whole time so that your friends can see what a horrible time you are having

c)   You persuade your friends to go to a restaurant of your choice

d)   You don’t say anything and go to the restaurant of their choice

4)   At a restaurant, do you drink tap water or bottled mineral water?

a)   Bottled water

b)   Tap water

c)   Depends upon the ambience of the place and my mood

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