Service User Feedback Questionnaire

Service user feedback questionnaire is a questionnaire through which the quality of service can be adjudged by the feedback of the user. If any service provider wishes to know the customer’s opinion about the services they can use this kind of questionnaire which helps them to improve their quality of services.

Service User Feedback Questionnaire Sample

Name: _____________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth: _______________ Gender: Male / Female

Contact No: _____________ Service No: _______________

Please answer the following questions:

1. What kind of service you have taken from our company? Mention how was your experience on it? _____________________________________________________________________

2. Is this the first time you are taking service of our company? If “No”, then mention in details what kind of service you have taken earlier? _____________________________________________________________________

3. Which service of our company was impressive and why? _____________________________________________________________________

4. Did you receive proper service from the sales personnel from our company present at the store? _____________________________________________________________________

5. Would you like to take our service again? If ‘No’ please mention why?


6. Do you have any complaints about the service taken from us? If ‘Yes’ then please mention which service of ours dissatisfied you.


7. Did you find our helpline and customer care service effective? If ‘No’, then please mention in details what is dissatisfactory?


8. Have you recommended us to any of your friends, relative or family? _____________________________________________________________________

9. Please share your thoughts and comments on our services. _____________________________________________________________________

10. How much will you rate our services out of 10?


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