SAP Business Blueprint Questionnaire

A SAP business blueprint questionnaire has been devised to receive feedback on specific areas of a business including different types and number of activities undertaken by a business process, deliverables described in accelerated SAP roadmap, overall health of enterprise design processes, architecture driven implementation and much more. A SAP business blueprint questionnaire is normally distributed within an organization only.

Sample SAP Business Blueprint Questionnaire:

Name of the Organization: _____________________________

Name of the Employee: ___________________________

Department: ____________________  Designation:____________________________

Email: _____________________________

Phone Number: ____________________________

  • Which of the following project phases of SAP business blueprint have been implemented in your organization?

a)      Project preparation

b)      Business blueprint

c)      Realization

d)     Final preparation

e)      Going Live and technical support

  • Does your SAP business blueprint development process include any of the following?

a)      Creating projects using SAP solution manager

b)      Identifying cross functional business processes

c)      Identifying pre-defined business scenarios in SAP solution manager

d)     Synchronizing project content with solution architecture

e)      Synchronizing solution architecture with business process repository

  • Are you using the 3 technical role type’s i.e master, derivative, and composite for any of the following transaction grouping?

a)      General Access                             Master | Derivative | Composite

b)      Specific Job Access                      Master | Derivative | Composite

c)      General Report Access                 Master | Derivative | Composite

  • Which of the following documents have been prepared by your organization for SAP preparations?

a)      Business project plan

b)      Business project scope document

c)      Business project team organization chart

d)     Business project blueprint

e)      Technical design documents

  • Has the organization gone through any previous SAP BW reviews?

a)      Yes

b)      No

c)      Don’t know

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