Sample Employment Questionnaire

An employment questionnaire is used by employers to evaluate their prospective employees’ ability just before they are assigned duties or taken through other interview exercises. The details given by the prospective employees are important in revealing their performance since the employment questionnaires are archived for future reference, and they can be invoked in case the employee fails to perform as stated in some questions. In most cases, employment questionnaires are kept in active status for a period of three months since the date they are received from job applicants. This emphasizes their importance to job applicants. Below is a sample employment questionnaire.

Date _________________________ Name ____________________________________

Phone No. _________________________ Social Security No. ____________________

Email address ___________________________________________________________

Name of person that can be contacted in case of an emergency _____________________

_________________________________ His or her phone no. _____________________

Do possess and automobile? ______________ If yes, specify make and model_________


Over the last three years, how many times have you ever missed from work? __________

Give the reasons for your absence____________________________________________

Have you ever been prosecuted for any offence? ____________________ If yes, please specify the nature of crime_________________________________________________

State the number of words you can type per minute__________________ When was your typing speed last tested? ____________________________________________________

List the specific skills you posses that relate to the job position you have applied for __________


Are you willing to work for extended hours? _______________________________

How do you meet targets for jobs with short deadlines? ___________________________

What time(s) may you not be available for extra work? ___________________________



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