Sample Customer Service Questionnaire

A sample customer service questionnaire gives companies an idea of how to structure questionnaires that will identify the customer’s needs and concerns. It is always a good idea to allow customers to have the freedom to remain anonymous by keeping their contact information private. A customer service questionnaire is aimed at forging relationships with customers and enhancing their loyalty to the company. Since customer retention costs significantly less than the attraction of new customers, it is essential to find out what customer care needs can be fulfilled. The basis of the questionnaire is the welfare of customers and feedback from them that will help a company serve them better.

Sample Customer Service Questionnaire

Exotica Supplies is interested in the welfare of its customers. We would appreciate your feedback. The information you provide will help us improve our services. We appreciate your time and opinion.

Exotica Supplies customer service staff responds when I call



Service at Exotica Supplies is



c. Slow

d.Extremely slow

Exotica supplies customer service department understands my needs (answer with True or False)



The customer service department was quick to respond and deal with my queries in good time



c. Somewhat

d.Strongly Disagree

Please provide us with a brief description of what your overall experience with Exotica Supplies has been

Customer service staff at Exotica Supplies is helpful and polite (answer with True or False)



The customer service department is generally approachable (answer with True or False)



I highly recommend the services of Exotica Supplies (answer with True or False)



Please provide suggestions that can help us improve our services

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