How to Use Polls to get Right Feedback

Polls or opinion polls are a very effective way to get feedback from consumers and stakeholders. They consist of a survey of public opinion derived from a specific sample. Polls have a list of questions which are answered by these consumers to show their opinion regarding something and then these generalities are deduced in ratio. Nowadays there are many organizations and websites which have resorted to polls to get the opinion of the users of its products and services.

Polls are popular because they are simple, take less time to fill up, one doesn’t need to apply much thought as the answers are already provided and one only needs to answer in yes or no, or give grades in varying degrees. In this way, they can be answered by anybody and the creator of the poll can view the results of the poll immediately because the software allows the system to record the responses and calculate the percentage automatically.

People also feel that polls are more interactive because they can see the results immediately and know if they are in the minority or majority compared to the other respondents. Thus polls can be very helpful in gathering feedback from the person about a product or service. In order to make sure that the polls are being used to their full potential, one needs to keep the following points in mind:

  • Objective: Before creating the polling questions decide what kind of information you are looking for. Based on your goal, you can structure the polling questions to achieve the right information. For example, you may want to know what consumers think about a particular product, or what students think about a political party and so on.
  • Respondents: After you have selected the goal, choose the right kind of target population to whom these poll questions will be asked. If you want to know about the urban consumers opinions on a service, you cannot ask these questions to someone in a rural area and so on.
  • Size: A poll has a larger scope than a general survey; it is supposed to reflect the opinions of a sizeable population and that’s why it is called a poll. The larger is your size of the target sample, the more realistic will your poll results be
  • Methodology: Choose the right kind of methodology which will enable you to get the correct information from the poll. Polls are usually conducted through questionnaires, surveys, telephone or email surveys, websites, papers and postal polls.
  • Structure: The methodology of polling will determine the structure of the questions in the poll: If you are asking questions online, then people do not have a long attention span and so the questions must be realistic, to the point and short. You can also divide the questions into categories so that the poll looks more organized and it is easier for the respondents to answer the questions. Use multiple choice or ratings scales questions or direct question and answers and also add a ‘maybe’ or ‘don’t know’ option to your list of answers

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