Retail Customer Service Questionnaire

A retail customer service questionnaire contains sample questions that concerns different aspects of retail customer service and retail experience as enjoyed by a customer. The objective of a retail customer service questionnaire is to provide the retail outlet or organization or brand with a feedback, which will help them to improve upon their existing customer service functions.

Sample Retail Customer Service Questionnaire:

Name of the Customer: _____________________________

Address: ______________________________________  City:_______________

State: __________________  Zip: ________________

Age: ___________________ Gender: _______  (M/F)

Email: _____________________________

Phone Number: ____________________________

  • How often do you shop at retail outlets of different brands?

a)      Once a week

b)      Once a fortnight

c)      Once a month

d)     Once in 3 months

e)      Once in 6 months

f)       Once in a year

g)      Others: _______________________ (Please Specify)

  • Which of the following types of retail outlets do you visit most frequently?

a)      Departmental stores

b)      General store

c)      Discount store

d)     Specialty store

e)      Supermarket

f)       Hypermarket

g)      Variety store

h)      Convenience store

i)        Others: ___________________________ (Please Specify)

  • Which of the following types of customer service have you experienced at retail outlets in the last 2 years?

a)      High touch

b)      Low touch

c)      Bad touch

d)     Transparent

e)      Inflexible

f)       Clueless or confused

g)      Perfection

h)      Others: ____________________________ (Please Specify)

  • Are you satisfied with the levels of customer service being offered by branded retail outlets?

a)      Extremely satisfied

b)      Very satisfied

c)      Satisfied

d)     Neutral

e)      Dissatisfied

f)       Not very satisfied

g)      Not satisfied at all

  • If you had to change one area of retail customer service then what will that be? (Please explain why in brief)


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