Resume Writing Questionnaire

Questionnaires that touch on a person’s resume are important to employees in selecting qualified recruits to become their staff. A resume writing questionnaire should therefore encompass various aspects of a person including aptitude as well as ability to perform different tasks. The questionnaire will therefore inquire on level of education, vocational and technical training, professional development as well as job experience. The resume writing questionnaire should be succinct to ensure that employers and their prospective employees communicate effectively through the written material. Below is a good sample of a resume writing questionnaire.

Example of client questionnaire

First name ___________ Middle name___________ Last name


City ___________________________________State________ Zip ________________

Mobile phone____________________________ Home phone_____________________

URL (your web portfolio)_____________________ E-mail address_________________

Work phone__________________ Is it OK to put on resume? (Answer Yes or NO)_____

Are you willing to relocate? _________ Are you willing to travel frequently? _________

Please answer the following questions with your highest level of precision and as completely as possible. If the questions do not apply, mark them N/A.

Position or career objective: List your top 3 job choices in order of your preference.

1. _________________________________________________________________

2. _________________________________________________________________

3. _________________________________________________________________

Is this job request a career change for you? ________________________________

Please state your long range career goals__________________________________


What is the purpose of your resume? _____________________________________________________________________

Briefly indicate your work experience in the field in which you are applying for the job. This should include period in years, career advancement and so on.________________



What are the conditions specific to your work? _________________________________



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