Restaurant Market Research questionnaire

Restaurant market research questionnaire is conducted by restaurant owners in order to find a general public opinion about the restaurant. Restaurant market research questionnaire consists of questions related to quality of food served at the restaurant, ambience of the restaurant and so on. Given below is the list of questions which can be used while preparing a restaurant market research questionnaire

Sample Restaurant market research questionnaire:

Q1) Name: _______________

Q2) Address: _______________

Q3) Contact No: _____________

Q4) Email ID:

Q5) how often did you visit the restaurants?



(c) Monthly

Q6)  is there any specific time you prefer to visit the restaurant? If yes, what are the reasons?

Q7) when you visit the restaurant what is the first thing you look for?

(a)Ambience, (b) Service (c)Hygiene (d) others please specify

Q8) would you prefer to spend more money, simply because of the ambience?

Q9) if you are not happy about the quality of food served at the restaurant what would you do?

(a)Simply curse your fortune and leave the restaurant

(b) Will complaint to the manager or restaurant owner about the sub-standard quality of the food?

(c)  Will tell your friends and relative not to visit the restaurant

Q10)  the name of 3 restaurants which you visit frequently?

Q11)  what is the main reason you frequent a particular restaurant?

A)  Quality of food

B)  Has a good friendly atmosphere for your children and families

C)  It is near your house

D)  Magnificent ambience

E)   Others ( Please Specify)

Signature: ____________________

Date: ____________________

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