Restaurant Customer Questionnaire

A restaurant customer questionnaire is a way of evaluating the restaurant’s performance by presenting questions to the customers, which help to analyze the good and the bad points of the restaurant. The feedback or response of this questionnaire helps the restaurant’s owner and the staff to modify or change the areas lacking satisfactory results. This type of questionnaire should consist of easy to understand questions which would give a clear nature of customer’s level of satisfaction.

Sample Restaurant Customer Questionnaire:

ABC  eatout thrives to provide good food along with excellent service, please help us in serving you better by filling the following review form.

  1. Name of the costumer:
  1. Date of visit:
  1. Name of the ABC eatout branch:
  1. Is this your first visit to the restaurant:
  1. If not, then when and where was the last visit:
  1. What do you think about the prices of various food items:

a) Cheap       b) Fairly Priced       c) Expensive (Tick the appropriate choice)

7.   How did you get to know about us?

a) Friends

b) Family

c) Newspaper/Magazine

d) Others (please specify)

  1. How do you describe the variety of food offered:

a) Poor         b) Average          c) Good      d) Excellent

  1. How do you describe the service offered by the staff:

a) Poor         b) Average         c) Good      d) Excellent

  1. What are the improvement, if any would you like to see in the restaurant:

Thanks for completing the questionnaire. The results are meant only for the restaurant’s personal use and will be kept confidential. Looking forward to serving you again.

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