Research Methods Questionnaire

A research methods questionnaire is very specific to a particular type of research, which is conducted by different types of researchers like statistical researchers, macro or micro economic researchers etc. There are some general questions in all research methods questionnaire and these help in identifying the data or information required by researchers. The questions in research methods questionnaire can be open ended or close ended and can be qualitative or quantitative in nature.

Research Methods Questionnaire Sample

Name of the Respondent: ____________________________________

Age: __________  Sex: ___________  Marital Status: _______________

Address: ___________________________________________________

City: ________________ State: ______________  Zip: ______________

Telephone: ____________________  Email: ________________________

Q1. How reliable are the methods used by the researchers?

a)   Highly reliable

b)   Reliable

c)   Neither reliable nor unreliable

d)   Unreliable or doubtful

e)   Highly unreliable

Q2. How easy is it to use a representative sample with the current researcher’s methods?

a)   Very easy

b)   Easy

c)   Neither easy nor difficult

d)   Difficult

e)   Very difficult

Q3. How easy is it to generalize findings using this method?

a)   Very easy

b)   Easy

c)   Neither easy nor difficult

d)   Difficult

e)   Very difficult

Q4. Which of the following methods of information gathering is the most useful for researchers?

a)   Questionnaires

b)   Interviews

c)   Observation

d)   Use of existing evidence and files

Q5. Do you think this method is valid enough for the research?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q6. Which of the following is the main aim of the research method?

a)   Identify information required

b)   Identifying specific procedures

c)   Specifying procedures for implementation

d)   Identifying other requirements

Q7. Do think there are limitations to this research method? If yes, then specify

a)   Yes

b)   No

c)   Limitations: _________________________________________________________________

Q8. What will you suggest to improve this research method?


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