Research Interview Questionnaire

research interview questionnaire is an important tool used to gather information that is relevant to contribute to the success of a business venture. It is especially useful to gather people’s opinion on specific topics, services or products. A research interview questionnaire also acts as an important tool during analysis of the public opinion concerning specific issues. Below is a sample research interview questionnaire.

Sample Research Interview Questionnaire

Name _____________________

Age _______________________

Male _________ Female _________

Occupation ____________________

Street address __________________

Have you ever bought Indian jewelry Yes __________ No __________

Have you ever bought Indian jewelry from native Indians __________

If yes tick below the type of jewelry you have bought

Earrings ______________

Necklace ______________

Bracelet _______________

Ring __________________

Other (specify) __________

Which jewelry would you like to buy from a native Indian ________________________


Do you know of any jewelry store you can buy such _________

If yes how far is it ________________________________________________________


Use the key below to rate your preference for the things you value the most in piece of jewelry

1 Most valued    2. Just valued     3. Valued               5. Not valued

Craftsmanship __________________

Cost ________________________

Uniqueness __________________

Origin ______________________

Other (Specify) _______________

What type of jewelry do you shop for the most ___________________________

Where do you mostly shop for your jewelry _____________________________

How often do you shop for jewelry ____________________________________

What is the highest amount of money you can spend on jewelry _____________

How often do you wear jewelry (Tick where appropriate)

Everyday _____

On special occasions __________

Weekends ___________

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