Research Demographics Questionnaire

A research demographics questionnaire is a document which seeks to identity issues affecting certain groups of people. Demographics deal with the statistical data of a particular population, including details like employment, housing, sex ratio, and so on. Such questionnaires are used for a number of purposes by many agencies, both governmental and non-governmental.  Census agencies often use such research demographics questionnaires to gather information, so as do researches based in the field of sociology and anthropology. A research demographics questionnaire must ask relevant questions and be clear and concise in its execution.

Sample Research Demographics Questionnaire:

Research demographics questionnaire issued by: _______________________________

Research demographics questionnaire filled in by: ______________________________

Date of submission of research demographics questionnaire: _______________________

Q1. How many members does your family comprise of?


Q2. What is the combined annual income generated by your family? Who earns the highest amount and how much does he or she earn?


Q3. Have you participated in the last elections held in your constituency?

  • Yes, I have voted in the last elections held in my constituency
  • No, I have abstained from voting

Q4. What is your social security number? Have you ever received sustenance and help from the state authorities?


Q5. How long have you lived in this constituency? How well do you know your neighbors and hose frequenting your neighborhood?


Q6. What are the changed that you would like your neighborhood to benefit from?

  • Better security and surveillance
  • More amenity stores and facilities
  • More effective leadership on the part of the authorities

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