Report Writing Questionnaire

A report writing questionnaire is a vital tool used to evaluate the authenticity of information collected in order to create a questionnaire. It is important to come up with a questionnaire that will be able to get relevant information from respondents. In most cases it is used as a guide for the report writer to ensure that the information and data contained in the report is accurate and valid. The report writing questionnaire has to be filled in before handing in the report to relevant authorities. Shown below is a sample report writing questionnaire.

Sample Report Writing Questionnaire

Date ________________

Organization _________________

Study _______________________

Name _______________________

Describe the purpose of the study ____________________________________________



Indicate date that data was collected _______________________

Indicate method used to collect the data (Tick as appropriate)

Observation _______________

Survey __________________

Questionnaire _______________

Interview ___________________

Vote ______________________

Online research _____________

Library ____________________

Answer the questions below if data was collected from interviews, surveys and focus groups

The data was gathered from (tick where appropriate)

Random sample __________

Selected group of individuals _______________

Everyone involved _______________________

Where the data was gathered _________________

The number of individuals involved in the survey ______________

The number of questionnaires sent to respondents ________________

The number of questionnaires completed __________________________

The number of days it took to carry out the interviews _______________

The number of questionnaires used for analysis _____________________

Methods used to analyze the data ________________________

Describe the challenges _________________________________________________



Describe the areas that need further research ____________________________________



The tools used to gather data were

Very effective ________

Effective ______________

Not Effective ___________

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