Rental Market Questionnaire

A rental market questionnaire is an impressive method used by the owners and renters to find out the suitable rent deals. Such a questionnaire is being initiated by the property owners and others who are seeking to get the right people for renting their property and other assets on rent.

Sample Rental Market Questionnaire:

Name of the participant: _________________

Sex: __________ Age: __________________

Contact number: _______________________

Date: ____/____/____

Q1. Tell us the reason behind participating in this rental market questionnaire?

  • Interested to take some property on rent
  • Interested to put some property on rent
  • Others: _________________________

Q2. Kindly let us know the type of rented asset you are looking for?

  • Land
  • House
  • Apartment
  • Office building
  • Equipment
  • Machine
  • Vehicle
  • Others, please do mention: _________________

Q3. Kindly mention the duration of this rental type:

  • Less than a year
  • More than 1 year
  • More than 3 years
  • More than 5 years
  • More than the above given

Q4. Provide the budget for renting:

$: ______________

Q5. If the property suits you, what would be the right method for you to commence the deal?

  • Online deal
  • Through some rental real estate agent
  • With the help of friends
  • Others: ______________

Q6. Please mention the details of the property and machinery, you are seeking to rent?

Size specifications: ______________

Q7. Would you like to have a look at the property before renting?

  • Yes. Absolutely
  • Yes, if possible
  • May be Yes
  • No

Q8. Have you ever rented the similar chosen property and machinery before?

  • Yes
  • No

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