Questionnaire Writing Tips

Questionnaires gather important information in any given research, and this possible only if they are used effectively. As such, leading tips have to be used to design and write a questionnaire that will not only collect the required information but also ensure that the collected information can be analyzed effectively and easily interpreted. A good questionnaire should be pithy and involving use of simple language. The grammar used in the questionnaire should provide a common understanding in order to improve reliability of the information collected. Most importantly, the questionnaire should begin with interesting questions and the use of leading questions should be avoided. Below is a sample.

Questionnaire on students’ research options

1. How often do you research on your own (outside class) per week? Please tick the appropriate box.

25 hours and above

20 to 24 hours

10 to 19 hours

2 to 9 hours

Below 2 hours

2. Please select from the options below your preferred options of private study (you can choose more than one option as is appropriate).

College or university library____________

Local public library_______________

Personal books_______________

The Internet_____________

3. How often do you use the Internet for academic research?

Daily basis ______________

Weekly basis ___________

Monthly basis_____


4. If you use the Internet for research, which materials do you often have access to? (Please tick all appropriate options).

Google Books ___________

Academic sites such as Questia, Sage, Elsevier and Science Direct ____________

Other sites (please specify) _________________

5. Please comment on the various research options with regard to their reliability ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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